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Museum Quarters in Vienna

Exploring the city

sunny 29 °C

Woke up feeling rested. Started walking around Vienna just to observe the locals. It's a Sunday so people are just relaxing and walking leisurely. Newspapers are sold differently here. CIMG2858.jpg
Went to church
The ceilings as usual are fantastic artwork
And some other fanciful stuff (I think there's probably some catholic terms for these, but I don't know them)
I went to the museum quarters
The info counter
You'd start getting glimpses or their artistic flair by looking at the chairs
Some of the museums inside the quarters (I didn't manage to visit everything though)
I was like the others staring at the exhibitions trying to understand something from the works ;)
But the only painting that I can understand and emphasize the most is this one that talks about the pain of war, the others are simply too abstract.
This is another interesting exhibition, this shows us how Vienna slowly starts off as a small square and gradually expanded to what it is today.
The visits to these museum were actually my first major exposure to so many different type of abstract arts, I couldn't fully get the message that the artists are trying to convey especially expressionism. Yet, it was educational and my worldview expanded because I am able to link the rise of the thinkers in the art scene in relation with the world around them.

I walked around in the evening and went to watch Harry Potter, I read the books and followed the movies so I was hoping for a satisfactory finale. And I wasn't disappointed plus I made a new friend that liked the series very much. Thankfully I caught the English version instead of the German dubbed ones. Thank you Kino Cinema :)
Wandered around before going to my friend's place, enjoyed performances from a lot of street musicians, it is summer and everybody is out.
The city is very generous with water. (Notice the exclamation mark? It was like they are strongly reminding their citizen to drink lots of water during summer)
Nice floral arrangement too (Reminds one of Vienna)
And Vienna's Pride and joy
And the locals are definitely taking time out to relax
This is the "hint" that you can travel underground ;)
Briefly walked through the imperial quarters (will be back to visit)
Saw an upcoming performance and couldn't resist buying a seat. After all, I am in Vienna and it's Don Giovanni :)
And some other nicer buildings that I managed to see when I wandered around (One of them is the opera house)
There are summer events in the city as well. Different open air performance in some areas and a rather big open air cinema.

I had some problem trying to locate my friend's apartment when the night falls, haha. I didn't realize that even and odd numbers are on different streets. When I finally worked it out I had to backtrack a lot. Anyway, found it later when my friend was wondering where I disappeared. We talked till late and discussed about my visit to Vienna.
I liked the picture at their front door :)

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Saying Farewell, Mid point of journey

Traveling and hostel hunting

sunny 28 °C

The good times in Switzerland has come to an end. I don't feel like leaving as this place really does feel like home, perhaps one day it might be. Now I can understand a friend of mine who once said that he has houses in different places, but there is always a place or two close to the heart, and that is home. For the past 20 days, I had seen and experienced so much and I truly have to agree that traveling changes perspectives and that one grows from the experience. I still look the same from the outside but I know there's some gradual changes inside me.
Anyway, I had a last meal with my lovely host family, (their kindness is something I will cherished) Finally said our goodbyes and I board a train to Zurich. Zurich is the only town that has the "metropolis feeling" in it. People seems more robotic here and sometimes one might just feel a little overwhelmed. I didn't stay long in Zurich, instead caught the next train to Vienna. The train journey was uneventful yet beautiful as usual. My neighbor doesn't speak English so I read throughout the journey. The train arrived exactly when it should be and it was already late evening :)
My friend will only be back the next day, so I am on my own tonight. Thankfully managed to get a bed at Wombat after some hostel hunting. Dropped my stuff and started exploring to get my orientation of the city.
I bought unlimited transport passes and just hopped on and off the metros and trams just to see the city at night. Managed to get my directions and a basic understanding of the layout of the city. And I found out some unexpected squares and statues too.

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Day trips from Basel Part 3

sunny 21 °C

Picked up the engraved knives early in the morning, the old man did a wonderful job. Went back to the train station and bought my second Eurail pass for onwards travel in Austria and Hungary. I was still waiting for a response from a friend, so my next stop is still undecided (it's either Salzburg or Vienna)
Anyway, I head to Luzern to spend the day. The weather is fantastic today. When I stepped out of the train station, I know I'd like the city. Luzern is truly beautiful, with the wooden bridges, greenish river and the mountains, one would feel as if one is walking inside a postcard.
Some pictures of Luzern
While walking along the wooden bridge, look up and you'd see this
The post office looks good too
There's lots of swans and some ducks swimming around, waiting for tourist to feed them (and they are bigger than average because of the extra nutrients ;) )
Very detailed road signs too
Walked to the city walls and climbed up the fortress tower. The view from top is rewarding.
Here's pictures :)
The view from the top
You can also see the hotel with the exclusive funicular
Cows at the outskirts
Went back to the old town and did some people watching, haha
Stumbled into a wedding at this church :)
More snapshots of this town
The weather is still great, so I decided to join a lake cruise and I hopped on a boat.
The journey starts
The view was fantastic, quite surreal and I was happy that I took the cruise
The towns by the shores
I forgot to get off at the intended location, went ahead anyway and took an alternative route home. The Swiss really have all the little towns covered as well, the inter-connectedness makes it no problem to get anywhere here.
I saw some monks and nuns during my visit, and I have to agree that the area around here is perfect for silence and solitude. I know that I would not forget the beauty of this city even after quite some time.
As for dinner, we had swiss style fried noodles at home. Something Asian for a change :)

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Zermatt, the Alps and Bern

Day trips from Basel part 2

all seasons in one day -3 °C

I had been calculating the timing of Swiss public transportation and the entire system really works like clockwork. This experience is quite cool. You can just count down at the train station and almost at the exact time, the train will pull into the station.
Because of this, I gambled a little bit on my arrival time at stations, it was quite exciting to dash to the train and the train moves shortly after I got on ;)
Anyway, I caught a train to Visp from Bern. And then, from Visp, got onto another train to Zermatt. Throughout this journey, one would be able to see the rather diverse Swiss landscape, it changes rather suddenly from flatlands to mountains and lakes. The view along the way was absolutely beautiful. (the pictures didn't do the view justice because I took them through the window)
Today was rather chilly, so people dressed in more layers than usual.
First glance at Zermatt
Going up to Gornegrat through the narrow rails (marvelous engineering feat btw), weather wasn't that great, it was really foggy and it just snowed yesterday (plus it looks like it gonna snow again too)
The majestic Alps came into view as the train ascend higher.
Landscape changes and there's a camp that looks like an igloo.
Finally got to Gornegrat
At the station
Some pictures of the mountains
The little church at the peak
I decided to try to above the clouds to get a better view. Some stretches of ice later, I realized it is quite risky as I am under-equipped to hike on such terrain. I was underdressed too but I didn't want to turn back. It started to snow a little but it's not a crazy blizzard so everything was quite fine. The experience was very rewarding even though I ended up very cold, wet and tired ;) I was all alone in the vast whiteness, it's like I am all by myself in the world.
Left a little mark on ice
good road-signs (helps prevent getting lost)
The trail was narrow and iced
CIMG2683.jpgCIMG2681.jpg CIMG2697.jpgCIMG2699.jpgCIMG2709.jpgCIMG2708.jpgCIMG2688.jpgCIMG2687.jpg
Little flowers
Snapped a picture halfway
Managed better pictures of the mountain too
Some reminder about the Lord on the mountain
Huge pizza to refill myself after the little hike ;)
Stopover in Bern after Zermatt. Bern didn't really feel like the capital, it lacks the "buzz' and busyness but because of this Bern is excellent. I walk through the city, admired the buildings and observing the people.
Went to the Art Museum
Pictures of Bern
The weather was good in Bern, there's crowd flocking at cafes.
Bern is full of clocks too, almost any buildings will have clocks.
Went home to Basel for another late dinner :)

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Geneva and Lausanne

Day trips from Basel part 1

rain 16 °C

Took a direct train to Geneva early in the morning. Today was rainy and misty. A lot of sights along the way can't really be seen well but still managed to catch the lakes and the mountains. Got to know another lady my age while on board the train, we became quick friends because of our similarities
Greeted by the rain in Geneva after I got hold of the city map. Soon the drizzle turned into a downpour and I was forced to seek shelter in a mall. What a wet day indeed. Thankfully it returned to a drizzle and I can start exploring.
Breakfast in the mall
First stop, the court of justice.
And then, ventured into some parts of the old town. Was impressed by the water fountain when I walked along Geneva Lake, the view was really nice, it's like the jet of waters almost touch the sky.
Some of the sights along the lake
Read some comics for peace on the streets while strolling at the park near the lake
Stopped by Palais Wilson (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)
Refugees Commissioner
And then to the UN headquarters in Geneva where I was given a comprehensive tour of the place. Had the opportunity to observe a meeting and to see interpreters live in action. The tour was informative, I read about them in books but coming here and being in this cemented the learning. One lady thought I was a Chinese citizen and reckon that I should apply for a job as interpreter. Overall, it was good exposure
A hope that one day all giants in the world will work together for the betterment of mankind
Artistic ceiling
Getting ready for meeting
A gift from China
One angle of the place
Of course, there's always some crowd trying to let their voices be heard.
I went to the Bel Air District in Geneva after United Nations to visit the banks. The bankers were rather helpful and sometimes they drop comments like I should open a Swiss bank account in order for them to perform financial service more admirably. Anyway, the bankers truly are professionals.
Decided against a boat trip because the lake is all fogged and went to look at Barton property instead.

Took a train to Lausanne and this city is packed with people due to the World Gymnast Meet.
This city is rather different than the others, it gave the impression of a layered city. The main street is like on "level three", and you can look down and kinda see the "ground floor". The streets are very steep, it is another beautiful city however.
Here's some snapshots
The very steep road
Pretty flowers decor
Train station and I head home for dinner

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